UOWCHK/CCCU On-line Application for UOW Top-up Degrees

  1. This is for four Bachelor Degree Programs, namely, 1) Bachelor of Business, 2) Bachelor of Computer Science,
    3) Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies and 4) Bachelor of Psychological Science

  2. There are five steps, Step 1: Identity, Step 2: Program Choice, Step 3: Personal Particulars, Step 4: AD/HD Qualification and
    Step 5: Other Qualifications
Please press the "Finish" button at the end of STEP 5 to submit your data.

STEP 1 - Identity
ID Type  
ID No.   for HKID, the format should be in XYYYYYY(Z) such as A123456(7)
    Note :
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[CLEAR] - Reset the data and re-do it