Administrative Arrangements

Dear Staff and Students,

After comprehensively assessing campus safety, some special arrangements will be made from next Monday to Sunday (from 25 November to 1 December):

Please note that:

The College is grateful to all staff who remain steadfast in their duties and endeavour to maintain the operation of the College during this difficult time.

UOW College Hong Kong / Community College of City University

Academic Arrangements for Remainder of Semester A 2019/20

Dear Students and Colleagues,

Effective from 15 November 2019, the College will proceed with the following special arrangements for the remainder of the Semester A 2019/20:

  1. There will be no further face-to-face teaching of classes at either the Kowloon Tong or Telford campuses during Semester A 2019/20.
  2. The remainder of the semester will be reserved for online programme delivery, assignment completion and the assessment period.
  3. Teaching staff will, as much as possible, maintain the continuous course assessment (assignment) arrangements. For assignments that previously required in-class presentations or similar activities, alternate completion mechanisms will be announced by course teachers.
  4. There will be no final examinations on campus. Course Examiners may either base the course grade on the continuous assessment alone, or may arrange for an additional assessment task in lieu of the final examination, or arrange for online examinations. Course Examiners will inform students of the arrangements as soon as possible.
  5. Course Examiners are encouraged to upload additional, supplementary teaching materials to the online learning platforms and to provide online advice as feasible. Course Examiners will advise students accordingly.
  6. Students will receive full credit for courses taken this semester, if they have successfully satisfied the minimum performance requirements for the course.

These exceptional times require us to make these special arrangements to continue the teaching, learning and assessment processes.

Thank you for your understanding.

UOW College Hong Kong

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